I wish to express my gratitude for all of the work you folks did in order to effectuate the outcome of obtaining a mortgage loan on my property. Your professionalism and patience really showed itself even when I was stressed out. Please accept my sincerest wishes to you and your family for a most wonderful and successful year. Many thanks and blessings to you all.

Richard S.
Santa Clarita, CA
Agent: Tawnya

We want to thank Right Choice Mortgage for an outstanding Job in Completing the refinance for our property. Their services were above our expectations. We contacted TJ who went out of her way to help . TJ spent countless hours of prep work , was always available any time to help and answer all of our questions. She is a very special lady dedicated to help her clients. We cannot thank her enough, she is a miracle worker and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you to TJ, the underwriting department and all the staff at Right choice Mortgage. We highly recommend Right Choice Mortgage to anyone.

Mike and Laura W.
Yucca Valley, CA
Agent: TJ

Tawnya doesn’t just meet expectations she goes above and beyond! Best loan decision we’ve ever made.

Richy C.
Glendale, CA
Agent: Tawnya

I just want to let you know how grateful we continue to be to you for helping us with the loans. I don't think a day goes by when we don't think about you and where we would be without your help. Gratitude and kind regards from our Family.

David A
La Canada Flintridge, CA
Agent: Tawnya

I am a university professor, author, consultant, real estate investor, and business owner. I have income from multiple sources and assets in my personal name and the name of two corporations. In the last 30 years I have purchased about 25 properties most of which required financing. My experience is that most mortgage brokers and loan specialists run for the hills when I talk to them about financing. In some cases they don’t understand the basics (C Corporation vs LLC) and in other cases it seems processing a loan for someone with a complex income stream and asset base is just too much work. Fortunately I found Tawnya and I have now done four loans with her. She understands people with a complex financial picture and she is willing to do the work to get the deal funded. Compared to my other experiences, Tawnya is a dream to work with. My recommendation – call Tawnya first.

Michael M.
Long Beach, CA
Agent: Tawnya

TJ handled my refinance from beginning to end tremendous job I highly recommend.

Frank M.
Mira Loma, CA
Agent: TJ

Right Choice Mortgage - TJ - has helped with my last 2 re-finans. TJ is extremely helpful and professional. She pushes through to the end. My re-finans were not easy due to my particular business. TJ and the entire team at Right Choice worked very hard to find a program that would accommodate my needs. The rate was good and the fees reasonable. I highly recommend TJ at Right Choice Mortgage.

Amy K.
Valley Center, CA
Agent: TJ

TJ was amazing! She was able to get it done! TJ is professional, caring, and always available. Thanks so much TJ! My family and I are grateful.

Luis T.
Laguna Hills, CA
Agent: TJ

Rates were low, so it was time to test the market and see if we could do better than our current rate. We contacted three places. (1) Right Choice Mortgage; we heard about them on 95.9 (2) our trusted mortgage company that has financed us for almost 25 years (3) A referral from a good friend. Working with three different firms slowed us down as each one processed our details differently, and then we had to compare everything that came back. In the meantime, talk of increased rates was looming, and it was the end of 2021. Because of the history, we were most comfortable with our trusted company, and it was easy peasy to work with them. However, with that said, they didn't provide the details and explanations as well as TJ did either. TJ was very informative, extremely patient, and helped explain what each line item meant and helped us look at things from a short-term and long-term perspective. Right Choice and our trusted mortgage firm returned with the same rate, so we moved forward with our trusted firm. Unfortunately, we dropped the ball with the holidays. Then, after the New Year, we got back to our trusted mortgage firm. They replied with an increased rate of an entire point. We scrambled and went back to TJ at Right Choice, and somehow, she was able to stay steady at the original quoted rate. We held our breath to the finish line, assuming we would hear from TJ at Right Choice that our delay had caused the rate to go up and that we would have to buy down to keep the initial rate. But TJ held to her word, and in the end, we closed at the initial rate, which was quoted 2-1/2 months earlier. Again, TJ was incredibly patient with us; she explained every step, every detail, and each line item. We closed at a lower rate than our current rate and are happy with the company that holds our loan. Thank you, TJ - you are a gem!!

Agent: TJ

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the job you and your team did in securing our financing at an excellent rate under challenging circumstances. Your firm was Johnny On The Spot whenever we needed something, and hung in with us on offer after offer in this difficult buyers’ market until we finally had one accepted. Best of all you did exactly what you said you would do, when you said you would do it. We now have a beautiful new home, and we could not have done it without your professionalism and guidance. I would gladly recommend your firm to anybody.

David E
Monterey Park, CA
Agent: Tawnya

We can not thank TJ enough for her help with our home refi. She went above and beyond to make sure we got the best rates and we're taken care of. Whether it was emails or phone calls, she was always there to answer any and all questions we had. Highly highly recommend TJ!

Samantha R.
Temecula, CA
Agent: TJ

Thank you so much Tawnya. Words can't begin to express my gratitude. You have changed the trajectory of our lives.

Apricario, D
Los Angeles, CA
Agent: Tawnya

Cant thank you enough for the time and effort you and your team put into getting this done. And Rest assured we will be telling our friends about the great work you did.

Ken S.
Carlsbad, CA
Agent: TJ

Tawnya, we appreciate your continuous efforts throughout this refinance process. As I was once a Loan Agent from '86 to '96, I am aware of our challenging file. In the end, you and your team were the "Right Choice" and we certainly are happy with the results. You will be first in mind whenever the need arises, or when we can refer a friend or family member. Thank you again for a job well done.

Steve Z.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Agent: Tawnya

If you ever need anything, TJ is the person to go to. She never disappoints and there's never been a bad experience with her. She will always make sure you get the help you need.

Richard G.
Corona, CA
Agent: TJ

Need a home loan or refi? Go see Scott Crawford at Right Choice. This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with him. I'm a single self employed woman and it is SOLELY because of his magic and professionalism that I have my lovely home. What I like best about Scott is that he treats you like a person and not just another account. I've referred him to over 5 different friends and family and they all can't say enough AMAZING things about him. Thank you Scott! You're the best.

Kristi L.
Los Angeles, CA
Agent: Scott

Steve took the time to really find us the best refinance loan option to suit our situation. Nobody else was offering what he was and he was able to save us a good deal of money. We highly recommend Steve and Right Choice Mortgage and will return again in the future. Although not the fastest process due to the volume of refinances happening at the moment, it was well worth the wait!

Ben R
Hollywood, CA
Agent: Steve

Steve Styck at Right Choice Mortgage really helped streamline everything for us to get us the best program to suit our needs. He guided and assisted us the whole way. Even when we ran into issues and delays with the bank, Steve was always available to help resolve and move things along quickly. He made the entire process very easy for us and would provide us with status updates on a regular basis. He was there with us every step of the way and really helped us get the best possible deal out there based on our requirements. I highly recommend Steve and the team at Right Choice Mortgage and will definitely be using them again in the future.

Simon G.
Los Angeles, CA
Agent: Steve

I am a 4x return customer of Steve Styck! He is simply the best in terms of matching us against the best suited program available.

Desiree S.
Yorba Linda, CA
Agent: Steve

Steve Styck is amazing! He's knowledgeable, thorough, and quick to respond to any questions you might have. He got us a super low interest rate and low points on our refinance. We're saving almost 1000 dollars a month! We are very pleased with Steve and Right Choice Mortgage.

Stephanie H.
San Pedro, CA
Agent: Steve

TJ Jensen helped us with a refi this month. It was a great experience! After shopping around with several other companies that we heard about on the radio/researched on-line, we found the best rates with Right Choice Mortgage. TJ Jensen was professional and attentive to our every need. She helped to clear a Title issue that we had as well and was always available for any questions. We highly recommend Right Choice Mortgage and TJ!

Brent F.
Lakewood, CA
Agent: TJ

Once again TJ has done it again! I've known TJ for the past 20 years and she never fails to do an amazing job. Most importantly, she always gets the job done quickly and efficiently. I would recommend her to anybody who's looking for mortgage needs, she's definitely a person you can trust.

Richard G.
Montclair, CA
Agent: TJ

Tawnya at Right Choice Mortgage is a miracle worker! I found Tawnya advertising on my favorite radio station. I am self-employed and Tawnya was able to patiently put together a loan package for me that other lenders couldn't! She and her team gave me an amazing cash out refinance with a realistic interest rate and monthly payment! Their team is thorough and professional and there is no other like them! Thank you Right Choice Mortgage!!

John P.
Los Angeles, CA
Agent: Tawnya

Getting a loan with Tawnya King at Right Choice Mortgage was the best experience I could have hoped for while looking for a solution to my needs! Right Choice pledges "to help borrowers overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing a loan... while giving each customer individual attention and superior service". And that's exactly what she did. Tawnya is professional, efficient, and determined all while being always accessible and very cordial.

Fernando S.
Agent: Tawnya

Chris Tyler assisted us with a refi and we couldn't be happier. Chris walked us through the process, was patient, and answered all our questions quickly and honestly. He made the process painless and we highly recommend him.

Adam M.
Anaheim, CA
Agent: Chris

Being self employed, applying for a home loan has always been difficult. My wife and I are both self employed and we have done several mortgages over the years. Tawnya king made it easy this time. She responded quickly when we had questions, she was caring, encouraging, calm and helpful in all ways. The application process was easy and Tawnya stayed on it until the loan docs were signed and we were funded. I would highly recommend Tawnya and Right Choice. Thanks Tawnya for a low stress process!

David S.
La Crescenta, CA
Agent: Tawnya

I just got my refi done by Right Choice Mortgage and I couldn't be happier. My refi was a little sticky do to a recent divorce and they worked hard and found a way to get it pulled through. They got me a great interest rate and did it in a timely manner. I couldn't be happier with there performance. Thank you RCM and TJ for all your help.

Josh G.
Riverside, CA
Agent: TJ

We rated them 5 stars because of their wonderful service. Although we're retired and going through Covid 19, the team of Steve and Lisa was amazing. They stayed with it because they believed in what they were trying to do. They ended up saving us $700 per month. We recommend them highly.

Phyllis P.
Long Beach, CA
Agent: Steve

I Recently worked with TJ at Right Choice Mortgage on a refinance. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field and continued to work through my refinance even with issues we were having with my HOA. TJ is as tenacious as they come. This is my second loan with TJ and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new loan or who is looking to refinance.

Karen V.
Mission Viejo, CA
Agent: TJ

Thank you for helping us get a low interest rate on our mortgage. This is a timely birthday gift for my husband who is celebrating his birthday today. This is God’s gift to him since he has been praying for a low interest rate and lower monthly mortgage. Again thank you Steve and God bless you all.

Gwen S.
Elk Grove, CA
Agent: Steve

Dan and Lisette are wonderful folks to work with. They're understanding and bend over backwards to assist you with your mortgage. Thank you for all that you both have done for me and my family

Thelma M.
Pasadena, California
Agent: Dan

We worked with Patrick at Right Choice mortgage and our experience was great to say the least. Each time I reached out to him, he returned my call within a few minutes and would always try to find an answer to my questions. My wife and I refinanced during the COVID situation which made the process a bit longer. That being said, Patrick would periodically check in and give us a status update. The entire process was smooth. Patrick is honest, easily reachable, and gave step by step detail along the way. He was always up front about everything. I would highly recommend Patrick from Right Choice if you are interested in refinancing. Overall a very pleasant experience!

Johnathan A.
Buena Park, CA
Agent: Patrick

“My experience with Right Choice Mortgage was fantastic and I never been treated so nice. Tj is a wonderful woman and so easy to talk too. There was so many things I didn’t understand about loans . Tj was patient through thick and thin and went out on a limb to help me with the paperwork."

Betty R.
Pico Rivera, California
Agent: TJ

Scott, I want to sincerely thank you for facilitating my refinance loan. You just don't understand that I have spent years with Bank of America as well other banks only to be turned down for lower interest rates, for whatever reason. Your professionalism is impeccable and once again I really appreciate you and all that you do.

Larry W.
Los Angeles, CA
Agent: Scott

Thank you TJ, for everything you have done for me...

Lagac, L
Los Angeles, CA
Agent: TJ

Tawnya was in a word FANTASTIC. If you own a small business and need to refinance your home Tawnya and Right Choice Mortgage is the one for you. Tawnya was delightful to work with, she was professional, responsive and a joy to work with. In the beginning she said, “Don’t worry, we will get everything taken care of”, and she did. Everything happened how she said it would. Tawnya worked tirelessly to make it all happen. We would use her again without question.

Emma S.
Agent: Tawnya

Thank you ever so much TJ. A mere thank you could never express what you have done for me and my family. We can now truly enjoy our retirement with all of the stress removed. The name of your firm is so right on for me personally, " THE RIGHT CHOICE". You were absolutely a prayer answered. choosing your firm and your expertise was most definitely the RIGHT CHOICE for us. we are forever grateful and thankful.

William B.
Culver City, CA
Agent: TJ

TJ, you're the best! You hung in there and kept me in the process. I am very grateful you did.

Barbara D.
N. Hollywood, California
Agent: TJ

Working with Tawnya King at Right Choice Mortgage was the best experience I have ever had with a mortgage company. Tawnya was easy to work with and kept my up to date through the entire process. If I did have a question she was quick to respond. I highly recommend Tawnya and Right Choice Mortgage. If you are self-employed and are looking for a home loan this is the company for you.

Sandra W.
Ramona, CA
Agent: Tawnya

Thank you TJ! I want to take a moment to deeply thank you for taking my concern about impounding taxes and coming back with a miracle. I won't soon forget checking in with "..expect a miracle," and boy if one didnt come - thanks to you.

Julie F.
Pacific Palisades, CA
Agent: TJ

Tawnya King is the absolute "Gold Standard" in originating loans. She is a loan officer wizard! My husband and I had a situation which looked relatively bleak as far as options go. I heard an advertisement on the radio for Tawnya King and how she can find loans for the self-employed and others with non-traditional sources of income. After having to endure two prior horrible experiences with loans, needless to say, I was quite gun shy. I had to listen to phony loan salesmen who were terribly condescending, one had the nerve to get personal and insult me rather than help. I truly had "had it." I called Tawnya with little hope, but Tawnya over-performed from the beginning. She was kind on the phone and positive. She thinks "out of the box" and cares about her clients - a truly lost art. All others are only in it for the money. Tawnya and her assistant, Lisette, will work for you! Every bit of the process with them was so pleasant! I couldn't believe how easy everything went, especially after having been beaten down so much before by second rate hacks. I will work with Team Tawnya in the future as well to get a more traditional loan as she has your back. Tawnya and Lisette want to help you in an industry rife with sharks!

Tracy Z.
Agent: Tawnya

I wanted your boss to know what a Rock-star you are. Please forward this email to your boss. I was a commercial real estate broker a long time ago. I sold 100 office and industrial buildings so I worked with a lot of mortgage professionals. You are at the top of your game. Your follow through and persistence is the best I have seen. Thanks very much for your help with my loan.

Brian S.
San Diego, CA
Agent: TJ

I was trying to get my mom out of a reverse mortgage and was having a terrible time with the banks we went to. My husband and I qualified for the loan but because my mom had no credit history (she paid by check or debt card) they couldn't help us and we wanted her name on the loan. Then I heard about Tawnya King. She put me at ease on our first phone call. She didn't waste any time and was able to get us the right loan in a very timely seamless process. In fact she had us signing papers the night before we were leaving for a family Disney cruise and by the time we got back we were funded! Highly recommend Tawnya and will definitely use her for any other future loans or refinancing we may be interested in!

Gayla R.
Huntington Beach, CA
Agent: Tawnya

I had been looking for bank to refinance my first and second for a while. Everyone told me that I do not have enough income to qualify for refinance, even my own first lien holder, Quicken Loans. Until I heard Chris Tyler's advertisement on the radio. I thought I will give it a try and called Chris. He was very welcoming and great to talk to. He asked about my situation and he thought Bank Statement Loan would fit my situation since I am self employed. I gave Chris all my pertinent information and he went to work. Due to the banking situation it took a while to get my loan approved but we finally got it and we were able to refinance both first and second into one 15 year loan with good rate and was able to pull some money out to fix our house. I recommend Chris and his team for your loan needs. Thanks Chris.

Jon A.
West Hills, CA
Agent, Chris

This was our first home purchase and Chris Tyler walked us through the process every step of the way! This made the whole experience less intimidating! He took the time to answer all our questions, and had amazing patience for the abundance of them!!! We highly recommend using Chris and Right Choice Mortgage.

Maureen V.
Oakhurst, CA
Agent: Chris

Now that my family is settled into our new home, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for securing the mortgage. As a self-employed attorney, I found that it was difficult to qualify for a mortgage, and had experienced numerous delays and denials with the other Mortgage Brokers I had attempted to utilize prior to meeting you. It turned out that a previous Mortgage Broker who had given me a pre-approval letter to submit with my offer was not accurate, and I found out in the middle of escrow that I did not have a pre-approval. I heard your ad on the radio, and decided to give you a call to see if you could salvage our purchase. I am so glad that I did! Not only were you able to secure a self-employed mortgage based on my bank statements, you did so in less than two weeks, and secured a far better interest rate than anyone else had quoted me during the months of previous attempts I had made. You were a consummate professional throughout a very stressful process, were very pleasant to work with, and set our minds at ease immediately. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Vip B.
Woodland Hills, CA
Agent Tawnya

After years of trying to refinance, I had given up hope. I kept hearing the same response from the banks, "Sorry, we can't help you." It became so frustrating, especially when I would get calls from various lenders that would get my hopes up only to let me down once more. Thankfully, TJ remained persistent and kept in contact with me through the years. When she emailed me about the program for self employed borrowers, I decided to try one more time. Wow, not only did we qualify and get approved, we got a shockingly low interest rate. Instead of Twenty-two years to pay of our mortgage it is now only Fifteen! We are saving $$$ on interest. Another plus was that we were able to pay off over $22,000 of credit card debt. I am thankful to TJ and Right Choice Mortgage for coming through for my husband and me.

Loriene E.
Seal Beach, CA
Agent: TJ

My wife Patricia and I are so very grateful for having Tawnya King as our broker. Tawnya knew exactly what to do and which bank to go to. I Being self employed, it was very difficult for my wife and I to refinance our home. All the brokers we talked to said they couldn’t help us. But not Tawnya. She did help us and we were able to re finance our home. I would gladly refer anyone to Tawnya. She really cares about her clients. Thank you again, Tawnya. You are simply amazing.

Sid and Patricia L.
Beverly Hills, CA
Agent: Tawnya

Jackie worked tirelessly for us and got the best deal possible on our refinance. She stays on top of things to prevent any bumps during the process. This is our 2nd refinance with Jackie and as promised it was the smoothest refi we have ever done. I would recommend Jackie as your first choice when you need financing for a new home or refinancing!

John and Lynda B.
Seal Beach, California
Agent: Jackie

I recently got a loan through Tawnya King of Right Choice Mortgage. She offered the highest standard of service and walked me through every step of the loan process. Tawnya is extremely responsive and knowledgeable, making you feel confident and informed the entire way through. She has an unsurpassed ability to get the transaction done with great terms and an extremely competitive interest rate. She is very diligent and took the time to review my financials carefully before submitting it to the lender, so that there were no surprises. Tawnya clearly explained to me the bank's expectations for my self employed loan that relies heavily on my bank statements. If you are looking for a loan, I would look no further and call Tawnya King at Right Choice Mortgage!

Natalie E.
Encino, CA
Agent: Tawnya

Jackie, thanks for all that you have done. You made a very stressful time in my family's life stress free. Needing to close in less than a month, having a vacation planned during the contingency period and closing early enough to move my daughter into our new home before she left for college 5 days later. All was business as usual for you. I have never been so satisfied with any real estate professional. You not only met all my expectations but exceeded them. Closing a loan in just over 3 weeks was exceptional. I have complete confidence in you and have recommended you to my fire department friends and family. Thanks for taking such good care of us. The card and Home Depot gift card was not necessary but appreciated. Sincerely, Alfred and Heather

Alfred and Heather H.
Laguna Hill, California
Agent: Jackie

Called Right Choice Mortgage, heard about them on the radio and talked to TJ. She listened to all of my concerns of trying refinance for the past year and no luck due to my short sale and recent bk due to my wife's death. TJ was such a blessing to my family and me, she told what exactly she needed from me to get a new loan.it was an easy process. Honestly I didn't think it was going to happen, being turned down 3 times. TJ is very quick to return phone calls and emails .I would highly recommend Right Choice Mortgage to anyone needing help and ask for TJ she is a blessing.

Martin E.
Anaheim, California
Agent: TJ

Hi Steve! It was such an honor and pleasure to finally meet you yesterday! You truly are an ANGEL! I can't wait to work with you on the next transaction. May God continue to bless you Steve; you are one of a kind. God bless,

Elizabeth C.
Valencia, California
Agent: Steve

Going through this re-finance process was definitely not easy, but Jackie was persistent and a pleasure to work with. I am sure she could have passed me on by, because my loan was not a simply one. Jackie did not give up and kept me focus on what we need to do to get this loan approved. Jackie knowledge in the mortgage field and commitment to her clients is excellent.

Diane M.
Santa Maria, California
Agent: Jackie

I had been getting phone calls, emails and letters regarding interest rates going down and what wonderful rates I could get. So thinking about it I decided to speak to some lenders, when I expressed what I wanted some of them stated they could not help me I even had one tell me that I would never get what I wanted. One day I spoke to TJ Jensen and explained to her what I wanted. At the very beginning she said she would see what she could do. I was skeptical but she called me back and stated she had a program for me. She worked with me and I received exactly what I wanted. TJ Jensen is a very dedicated, professional and most of all honest. She communicated with me through the entire process. When I called with questions she was always there and if I left a message she always, always returned my call within hours. Her professionalism is excellent. I would recommend TJ Jensen to everyone who is looking for financial assistance. Made the Right Choice with TJ Jensen. Thank You,

Lily W.
Corona, California
Agent: TJ

Hi TJ, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work, diligence, and patience helping with our new mortgage. The rate is terrific and we couldn't haven't done it without you. I had begun this process with another group and did not have the confidence in their ability. You called and came to our rescue at exactly the right time. You are a blessing. As we say in the Navy, may you have fair winds and following seas always.

Stephanie and Joe M.
Tulare, California
Agent: TJ

I was fortunate enough to get in touch with Right Choice Mortgage and have the blessing of working with Terry Jensen. Terry handled everything related to the loan so professionally. Her communication skills were A+. She was very forthright with details and kept a positive attitude throughout the process. She is dedicated to her profession and was always quick to respond at all hours of the day/eve. I am sure she is an asset to your organization.

Tina B.
Chico, California
Agent: TJ

I really don't have enough words to tell you how pleased we are with T.J. In doing our re-finance, she was very professional and friendly but most important she knew the ins-and-outs of the business. My wife and I are not very knowledgeable about money matters and TJ didn't hesitate explaining things every step of the way. What really amazed us was at the end, she closed with a terrific rate and found ourselves paying less than out previous mortgage EVEN with quite a sum of money cashed out to pay for our daughter's college (UCLA)

Bob M.
Mission Viejo, California
Agent: TJ

I want to express my gratitude to T.J. Jensen for her help in refinancing my home. She spent a lot of time getting to know me so that she could find the right loan at the right price for me. T.J. did not pressure me to make a hurried decision; but instead, kept abreast of interest rates and costs, so that the she got me was one that saved me money a time when cutting costs was a necessity in my life.

Christine L.
Reseda, California
Agent: TJ

We wish to bring to your attention how much we appreciated the efforts of Mr. Sergio Miramontes in the process of getting refinancing. In a day and age when service is so often less than we expect there is occasionally someone who stands out so clearly that he is head and shoulders above others. Sergio has been this person. He has been totally professional, responsible, supportive and helpful. Although the process of securing the loan was long and arduous Sergio was there at every step along the way. He kept us constantly up to date in his reassuring fashion and was caring and encouraging at every point. He gave us all the time and attention we sought and though the loan has been secured he continues to stay in touch with follow up details. His helpfulness goes way beyond what we would expect. If Sergio represents what is best about your organization you are to be commended .We wanted you to know how his performance throughout this process was truly exceptional.

Joel and Lauren L.
Studio City, California
Agent: Sergio

I was in the middle of trying to purchase my first home when the lender I had been using told me she had made a mistake. All of a sudden, I was confronted with a higher interest rate and lots of extra closing costs. I wasn't sure what to do. The home was in escrow and was supposed to close in just a couple weeks. Luckily, my Realtor referred me to Jackie. From the minute I spoke with her, she went to work non-stop on my loan, which was not an easy loan to put together. I had just graduated from school with a lot of student loan debt and had barely begun to work. Despite all of the roadblocks, Jackie was able to get my loan funded in just a couple weeks. She was always friendly, responsive and willing to do what it took to get the job done. I would recommend to anyone that they choose Jackie for their home financing needs

Michael H.
Sherman Oaks, California
Agent: Jackie

I had two re-finances going at one time, trying to get the best opportunity for myself. I was told as long as I had not signed anything, it was ok to get a second opinion. I started with my original lender, then I was introduced to TJ Jensen and Right Choice Mortgage. TJ and Right Choice, by far, were the best choice for me. TJ was diligent and completely thorough. -She even helped me clean up my trust deed which had bogus stuff listed on it. She found me the best deal and kept me informed through each step of the process. She stayed with me to the very end of the closing, making sure everything was completed and that I understood all that was happening. I am very happy with my re-finance. Thank you, TJ!!!

Kim F.
Fair Oaks, California
Agent: TJ

Dear TJ, I just want to express my utmost appreciation for your service in guiding me throughout the process of refinincaing my home. I have researched a variety of lenders and spoke to many professionals over the course of two years to find the right person I could trust. From the get go, TJ demonstrated great patience, shared a wealth of knowledge, and provided sound advice.TJ made me feel safe in the complicated process of refinancing and educated me throughout the whole process. I am very satisfied with the service and the rate that she provided. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is new to the process of home loans or is uneasy in navigating the process of refinancing.

Talias O.
Stockton, California
Agent: TJ

It is rare in this fast paced, time is money, world to experience the kind service you provided. When we were turned down for or first loan due to the fallen housing values, you told me that would not give up. We would get a loan. I figured it would be last time I heard from you. We were pleasantly surprised when you called back a week later with an even lower rate. Thank you again for your tenacity and diligence. I have no problem referring you to any of my friends or associates with their loan needs.

Chris R.
Anaheim, California
Agent: TJ

I will certainly recommend you. You have been great to work with. I heard the ad on FISH radio and that was why I originally called. Good luck in future.

Laura B.
Lake Forest, California
Agent: TJ

AMEN Glory be to God!!!!! He is amazing and so faithful.... Your amazing TJ. Many many many blessings to you. You're beautiful in every way and I couldn't do this without you. Tell your team I'm grateful for EVERYTHING they did for my family. My babies will be in a better neighborhood and better schools.

Mayra C.
Santa Ana, California
Agent: TJ

Hello TJ, Thank you for your work on my behalf to secure a beneficial refinance loan for my home. Your efforts to get a preliminary appraisal and you diligence to work to a timely closing have been successful and I appreciate it. I will recommend you to others that might be thinking about refinancing their loans. Regards,

Will B.
Yorba Linda, California
Agent: TJ

Hello Jackie I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all you did to facilitate the entire process of our Refinancing, We had a really difficult time getting a loan, we tried different loan companies and they wouldn't give us much of time or effort to Refinance our loan. Jackie and her team at Right Choice Mortgage are knowledgeable and efficient, Jackie made this painful process almost painless. She was responsive, gave us ASSURANCE and she goes the extra mile and even found a notary to come to our home for signing the documents. Closing my loan with Jackie went smooth and within 3 weeks our new loan was done and recorded. Thank you for being organized, efficient, communicative, friendly, and most of all CARING. I could not believe how easy and smooth the entire process was with your direction and guidance. My final recommendation to anyone would be: If you need financing for a new home or refinancing, please contact Jackie Barikhan at Right Choice.

Houshang & Siriona N.
Cerritos, California
Agent: Jackie

It is with great pleasure that we send our sincere gratitude to you and the members of Right Choice Mortgage that helped us close our second mortgage with you. The trust that we had experienced with you in our first mortgage carried right through this second process as well. Every detail in the process was clearly identified to us. The paperwork rapidly requested from you and the thoroughness of collection of all documents helped us wrap up the mortgage in a reasonable amount of time. Your attention to detail for the best possible result is a great value to any future client. We appreciate how you watched over our file and interest rates fluctuating on a weekly basis. This last mortgage was a very good fit based on the locked in low interest rate, removal of a PMI, and to continue with an impound account of taxes and insurance and still lowering our payment by close to $500.00. May your business and outreach to many more clients conclude with similar results to benefit these same outcomes. Your gracious approach and ability to produce great results should encourage you that you are a valued person in this industry.

Karen and Steve H.
Covina, California
Agent: TJ

Thank you for all your assistance. I know you have gone the extra mile to assist us in this process. We will not disappoint you by being punctual on our payments. This process will allow us to re-group and make better decisions as a family regarding finances. We have already started to make changes on our spending and I want to let you know that God used you to create awareness. Again, thank you and God Bless you!

Monica G.
Stockton, California
Agent: TJ

Bless you TJ. Tom and I are forever in your debt. Thank you so much for your help. I feel really good where we are at with our properties now especially with the new government regime coming in. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and time with your family and friends. Much appreciation.

Lisa K.
Belmont, California
Agent: TJ

TJ, I do appreciate all your work and prayers. I know God favors both of us and looks after us. I will keep you in mind for future business. Thank You

J. Ramirez
Corona, California
Agent: TJ

Hi TJ, Thank you so much for everything. You and your team have been great. You made this so easy for me compared to companies that I have used in the past. Thank You so much.

Brenda B.
Buena Park, California
Agent: TJ

TJ, thank you so much for all you did for my family and me. You didn't let the language barrier stop you from helping us with our mortgage. We will forever be grateful and appreciative for all you have done. Thank you

Juan C.
Los Angeles, CA
Agent: TJ

Wow. What a blessing. Thank you TJ for stretching above and beyond. You're such a blessing for not giving up.

Gerry R
San Bernadino, CA
Agent: TJ

As a CEO running a busy marketing agency, the last thing I wanted to do was begin the process of refinancing my home. I was recommended to Tawnya King of Right Choice Mortgage. She made the process so simple and enjoyable that it seemed like it was handled in the blink of an eye. Not only that- my rate came in way lower than I originally expected, saving me thousands of dollars for the life of the loan. I would strongly recommend Tawnya when considering a refinance.

Kim S.
Tustin, CA
Agent: Tawnya

My wife and I have known Tawnya King for many years. Over the years we have used her services to purchase and refinance a number of properties. Although our finances are sometimes complex, Tawnya always goes the extra mile and often works miracles. Our most recent refinance involved three properties, which reduced monthly payments, consolidated debt and helped our financial future. We highly recommend Tawnya and Right Choice Mortgage and we will never use anyone else when financing a property.

Kelly S.
Agent: Tawnya

Thank you again for your help in getting the loan approved and funded. I was asked to get approval through KB home loans and I was denied. This is the second loan that I was able to fund with your help. I had been denied two other times, so this was a miracle. I'm not sure how you do it but I'm glad you can offer your services to people like me, who have difficult or challenging situations. Thank you everyone for helping us to close this deal so we can enjoy our new home and be close to work and school.

Monica H
Valencia, CA
Agent: Steve

I just want to sincerely thank you for all of your outstanding help with the refinancing of my home in Long Beach, CA. You even helped clear up the negative credit that I had no idea was affecting my credit score. I can't begin to thank you enough for writning letters and making all of those calls on my behalf. Your expeditious and kind service will never be forgotten. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thank you very much!

Yandell B.
Long Beach, CA
Agent: TJ

We had a great experience doing our reverse mortgage with Right Choice Mortgage. The process of a reverse mortgages different than the mortgages we were accustomed to, but our loan officer, TJ Jensen, provided us with all the information needed to solidify our decision. TJ is very kind and patient and really works hard to help people make the right decision for them and their families. I highly recommend speaking with TJ if you are ever in need of financing for a new home, or refinancing an existing loan. She is very knowledgeable and will find the loan that works best for you.

Heather J
Irvine, CA
Agent: TJ

Meeting TJ was such a blessing for my family. We found a home, but used another lender. Unfortunately the loan didnt go as well as expected, because I have previously foreclosed with 2 large banks. Called two different lenders but still no hope with my situation. When I talked to TJ, she helped right away, but it was too late because of the contigency date and the seller didn't want to wait. TJ encouraged us to not give up. She prayed with us, and the next week, we found a home. Thank you so much TJ!

Jimmy A.
West Covina, CA
Agent: TJ

Thank you so much for helping us with the mortgae portion of our home purchase. Your expertise in the process was extremely valuable. Most lenders only care about selling a mortgage. You took the time to explain the process, gather the information needed and coordinate with the escrow company, while keeping in mind our needs and wants. Your attention to to detail was exceptional. You guidance in dealing with the escrow company saved us time, money, and frustration. Even though we had researched diligently, it turns out we needed an expert. You were the right choice!

Larry and Anita
Agent: TJ

Thank you so much for everything. You and your team have been great. You made this so easy for me compared to companies that I have used in the past. Thank you so much.

Brenda B
Buena Park, CA
Agent: TJ