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"In working with RCM, we have increased our loan balance by $27 million in the last three years. Last year alone, we also earned $65,000 in non-interest income."

Robert Einstein, CEO

"RCM has expanded our mortgage offerings and added self-generated deals onto our portfolio. What a great addition to our lending team!!"

John Bagents, CEO

"We have a true lending partnership! Right Choice Mortgage participates in our marketing campaigns, new home buyer seminars, member appreciation rallies, and even brings in loans from their own advertisement on the radio to put on our portfolio.”

Ehab Nawar, CEO

1 ) Add ARM's to your portfolio

-We specialize in advertising, originating, processing, and underwriting the ever-elusive adjustable rate mortgages sought after by the NCUA

2 ) Cost free profit center

-We only get paid when a loan funds. No financial risk.

3 ) Dedicated, friendly, licensed account executives

-Right Choice Mortgage assigns an NMLS Licensed account executive to each of our credit union partners to provide your members with the high level of service they expect from their credit union.

4 ) Free marketing services

-In partnering with Right Choice Mortgage, you gain access to our free mortgage marketing services. Click here for examples

5 ) Customized services to meet your specific needs

-We understand that all our clients have different needs, so we customize our services to best fit yours.

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